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Terms of Use

Last updated on 12th October, 2023.

The website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is intended to facilitate a connection between
non-profit organizations, organizations or individuals in Israel in need for financial or other donations
(“Organizations in Need”) and individuals or corporations, in Israel or abroad, who wish to donate to
the Necessary Organizations. The operators of the Website are individuals who belong to the
group (hereinafter: the “Website Operators”), and they operate in this matter without profit. The
Website Operators hereby approve the use of the Website, subject to the conditions specified below
(hereinafter: the “Terms of Use”).
The Website Operators are happy about your use of the Website and hope that you will find useful
information in it that will assist you in making a decision regarding a donation to the Organizations in
Need. Your use of the Website indicates your approval and consent to the Terms of Use. If you do not
agree to the terms or part of them, please refrain from using the Website.
1. Use of the Website
1.1. The Website Operators allow any person (hereinafter: “User”) to use the Website’s services by
entering the Website, and without the need for prior registration and providing information
concerning the User, with the aim of the Website being used as a marketing tool to increase
awareness of the Organizations in Need and their goals and to increase donations to them, for the
benefit of the general public on whose behalf any Organizations in Need operate. The list of the
Organizations in Need and information about them will be provided on the Website, is in accordance
with the opinion of the Website Operators and the said list is not meant to be exhaustive of all the
organizations or associations operating in Israel for any purposes or needs.
1.2. Each User declares that its use of the Website is intended for the purpose of tracking Organizations
in Need and their details and for the purpose of examining the possibility of giving donations to
Organizations in Need by the User or someone on his behalf or by a party on whose behalf the User
1.3. The Website Operators do not monitor the users browsing the Website and the Website Operators
shall not be responsible for any of the Users’ actions or any damage that may be caused to them or
any third party due to the use of the Website.
1.4. The User will be solely responsible for any use it makes of the site or for any action, deed or
omission as a result of the information available on the Website.
1.5. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that all Users are subject to these Terms of Use and the
Website's Privacy Policy, which together constitute one binding legal agreement between the User
and the Website Operators. Each User will be solely responsible for his activity and use of the
Website and for making decisions as a result of the use, and its results.
1.6. The use of the Website is intended to encourage help, assistance and activities of providing donations
to Organizations in Need in Israel.
1.7. Without derogating from the foregoing, do not copy, restore, reproduce, distribute, present, claim,
transmit, publish, update, sell, or use the Website and/or the information items, etc. included in the
Website, all or part of it, and/or to make changes and/or other use for any purpose, commercial or
otherwise, and all in any form or way, directly or indirectly, using, in whole or in part, indirect or
direct on other websites, in electronic publications of any kind, in software and computer
applications, in telephony and cellular communications, on radio, on television, in a pattern or other
media. No use of the Website or services for illegal purposes may be made. No means of any kind,
including computer applications including (but not limited to) Crawlers, Robots, etc., may be enabled
to automatically copy or retrieve content from the Website or to display it in any other framework
other than the Website. In addition, such measures should not be created and should not be used for
the purpose of creating a collection or database that will contain content from the Website. In

- 2 -

addition, content from the Website may not be displayed within a frame (FRAME), visible or hidden,
or may display content from the Website in any way – including through any software, device,
accessory or communication protocol – that changes their design on the Website or subtracts any
content or information, including advertisements and commercial content that may appear on the
2. Website Content
2.1. The Website is intended for a User who wishes to contribute to the Organizations in Need and seeks
information about such organizations and all information presented on the Website is information
that is informative to the User.
2.2. Despite the effort made to ensure that the Website and the information contained therein and
displayed through it are complete, accurate and up-to-date, the Website may be found, in good faith,
inaccuracies, errors etc.
2.3. Website Operators and/or anyone on their behalf shall bear no liability for the information found on
the Website and/or in connection with such information. For the avoidance of doubt, it will be
clarified that the information and content presented on the Website do not in any way constitute a
representation and/or statement and/or any obligation on behalf of the Website Operators in relation
to their accuracy.
3. User Approvals and Consents
3.1. The User declares and confirms that it has carefully read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and it
agrees to them and that it will have no claim against them or against what is stated therein.
3.2. The User is aware that the information presented on the Website, in whole or in part, is obtained
from the Organizations in Need, directly or indirectly, or rely on information published, by any
means, by the Organizations in Need or by anyone on their behalf or by any third party.
4. User Responsibility
The User will be solely responsible for any use he makes of the information presented on the
Website, sharing such information, etc. and it shall not have any claim related or arising from his use
of such information against the Website Operators.
5. Responsibilities of the Website Operators
5.1. The possibility of receiving information through the Website does not constitute a commitment
and/or promise and/or responsibility of any kind of Website Operators for the accuracy of the
information or for the achievement of any benefit and/or any profit to the User or for the
achievement of other purposes of the User. The Website and the information in it are offered and
presented as is (“AS IS”) and at its availability (“AS AVAILABLE”), without any obligation and/or
representation, express or implied, by the Website Operators to adapt the Website and its information
to the User's needs or purposes.
5.2. The use of the Website is in the discretion and responsibility of the User only and the User shall be
solely responsible for any result arising directly or indirectly from it. The Website Operators do not
undertake that the Website and/or the information presented therein will meet the User’s
requirements, will be free of errors, will be protected from any unauthorized access to the computers,
or from damage, malfunctions or failures in the hardware, software, lines and communication
systems, etc. In addition, the Website Operators do not guarantee that the use of the website will
yield any success or benefit. The Website Operators shall not bear any responsibility to the User in
the event of such disruptions or problems or in any other case of use of the Website.

- 3 -

5.3. Without derogating from the foregoing, the Website Operators shall not be liable and shall bear no
liability to the User for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential and/or other damage
arising in any way from the use of the Website and/or the information presented on the Website
(including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, in respect of errors on the site or in
the information presented therein), loss of data and/or loss of direct or indirect profits, arising or
related in any way in use, copying and/or display of the website or the information therein, for delay
in use and/or inability to use the website, etc. and/or due to "viruses" or various software
applications, for the computer equipment of the User or for any other property of the User, which
will result due to access, browsing or use of the website, and all, directly or indirectly, whether on
contractual and/or tortious grounds and/or any other grounds, even if the User will inform the
Website Operators of the possibility of the existence of such damages.
5.4. Without derogating from the foregoing, the Website Operators and anyone on their behalf will not be
responsible and will not be held responsible for a User who has donated funds to the Organizations
in Need for whom information has reached his attention through the Website, in all matters and in
any cases in connection with the uses made by the Organizations in Need that need the User’s
contributions, financial or other (hereinafter: “Contributions”) or any act or omission of a
Organization in Need that has caused harm to the User including due to fraud or embezzlement of
funds by a Organization in Need or its behalf. The User is aware that the Website Operators have no
profit or benefit from the donations’ funds, and it is aware that the Website Operator have no
influence or ability or other ability in connection with the use it will make of the donations and/or in
connection with the purposes (today and/or in the future) of the Organizations in Need. The User
hereby releases the Website Operators of any liability in connection with the use of the funds of the
donations or their purpose and undertakes not to come to the Website Operators in any claim for uses
made or made by the Organizations in Need of the contributions that it made or the contributions that
third parties made following his recommendation, including in the case of uses of donations made
illegally or for foreign purposes or in infringement of uses as published by the Organizations in Need
and many publications or information on the Website regarding the possible uses of the donations or
the purposes of the Organizations in Need, including the event of embezzlement with the funds.
Intellectual Property
5.5. The User is aware that all materials, documents, designs (including UX/UI), lines of code,
calculations, the correspondence, listings, programs, algorithms, whether on a hard copy or on an
electronic copy, as well as any other work or product produced by the Website Operators or by any
of their representatives, shall, from the date of their creation, be owned exclusively by the Website
Operators. The User shall have no demand and/or claim regarding the ownership of the Website
Operators in such works.
5.6. The User may not use any other intellectual property or trademark or graphic property of the Website
Operators. It is further clarified that the User is prohibited from reproducing, replicating, copying,
selling, reselling and otherwise exploiting any material and information related to the Website or the
information presented therein.
5.7. The rights in trademarks/logos, graphics, icons, page titles, button figurines, scripting files and
names appearing on the Website (in any form phonetic, written or combined with word and graphics,
or other signals) are owned by the Website Operators only and they have rights to use them. All
trademarks not owned by the Website Operators which appear on the Website are the property of
their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, in connection with, or funded by its
Website Operators and are prohibited for use by the User.
5.8. No use of the Website Operators’ trademarks shall be made without prior written approval from the
Website Operators.

- 4 -

5.9. Restrictions on Content Publish
The User may not upload or attempt to upload any content to the Website or modify information on
the Website.
6. Privacy Policy
The Website Operators shall not harm a User’s privacy and will comply with the provisions of the
Privacy Protection Law, 1981, and any other law in the matter. Please carefully read the Privacy
Policy available on the Website.

7. Modification of Terms of Use
The Website Operators reserve the right, at any time, at their sole discretion, to update to change the
Terms of Use or to cancel certain parts of it, and in this case they will be in force with respect to the
Users as of the date of their implementation on the Website, without the need to provide any notice
in advance.

8. Miscellaneous
8.1. The section headings are provided for convenience only and will not be used to interpret the Terms
of Use in any way or form.
8.2. If it is determined by a competent court that any of the above provisions are void or revocable for
any reason, the other provisions of the Terms of Use will continue to be effective.
8.3. Any failure to exercise the rights of the Website Operators under the Terms of Use does not
constitute a waiver of such rights of the Website Operators.
8.4. The competent court in Tel Aviv shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to discuss any claim or dispute
relating in any way to these Terms of Use and the use of the Website.

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