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Silhouette of Soldiers

Help Us Heal, Now
and in the Future

We accelerate mental health services for Israelis touched by the 2023 acts of terror

Who We Are

The Israel-2024 initiative emerges directly from the front lines. 
While many global philanthropic endeavors prioritize immediate, tangible necessities such as food and clothing, the enduring mental well-being of Israelis—soldiers and civilians alike—often dwells unnoticed in the conflict's aftermath.
Currently, there are insufficient means for providing accessible, sustainable, and economical mental health solutions, vital for countless individuals who will navigate emotional upheaval for the rest of their lives.
We've joined forces with Natal, a non-profit organization dedicated to this profound cause. Join us, alongside the thousands already making a difference. Become a beacon of hope and pave the path toward mental wellness and stability.

The time to prepare is now.



Our Partner Nonprofit Organization

Founded in 1998, NATAL - the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, stands as an impartial non-profit organization, offering multidisciplinary care and support to those directly and indirectly impacted by trauma stemming from terror and war within Israel.

NATAL provides comprehensive care to civilians and military personnel alike, encompassing initial outreach and psychological support, and extending to supplemental therapies such as yoga and service dogs.
Importantly, contributions to NATAL are tax-recognized by authorities in multiple countries, including the US and the UK.

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